Thursday, 16 October 2014

Naomi Wolf's Beauty Theory

Naomi Wolfs theory involves that beauty is actually used against women in the industry. It was said that beautiful women were used on the front covers on magazines to attract self-loathing women who are concious about their own looks, hence why they buy the magazines with the 'flawless' women on, to aspire like them. However, what these 'ordinary' women do not actually realise is that the women who are actually photographed have of course been photoshopped and edited to look this way. Women are made to look like this to of course attract more people to purchase the magazine, Naomi Wolf named this the Beauty Against Women Theory.

In my own magazine I intend to use a female on the cover along with two males so I am going towards a group look rather than one person standing out. Although I do not intend on using the Beauty Theory myself in my own music magazine, i do intend on centring the female on the pictures that I will be taking of the band.

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