Thursday, 9 October 2014

Blumler and Katz

Blumler and Katz came up with the theory of the four needs in media, they said that the media must gratify these needs:

Escapism and Diversion:
Is the theory that by reading music magazines or going onto websites it allows people to get lost in a different world and to get involved in drama e.g. with celebrities, making them focus less on their own life and more on others.

By reading music magazines it gives the reader more information on different artists and things going on in the music industry. This give readers a chance to find out what is really happening the world of music and celebrities.

Personal Relationships:
Music magazines offer people the opportunity to talk to each other about the magazine and the different artists and articles featured

Personal Identity :
To gain insight to ones self, finding reinforcement for personal values and finding models in behaviour by looking into the media for example; magazines or TV

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