Sunday, 24 January 2016

Change Of Plan

Due to problems with commitment from a member of my Music Video, I have made the decision to restart the video itself using some clips from the previous video. A new plot for my video is to be confirmed, However, previous research that I have posted will contribute to how I will structure my new video and the initial idea behind it all. As well as my video idea changing, I will also be changing the song that I will be using. Posts including my new plot, characters and song will be posted through the week, including some progress posts and possibly video's of what I previously filmed before my decision to restart.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Front and Back DigiPack

Here is my final and back of my Digi Pack. I have went along with the style of The 1975's album, keeping it simple, yet effective. The white contrasts with the black and stands out making it appealing to buyers if it was to be merchandised.

Music Video Locations

Before filming any of my music video I have to consider the locations that I want to film at. My initial idea before starting the piece included a couple meeting at a fairground, as I knew there would be a lively atmosphere including bright lights and fast paced movements, which I felt would have represented the feelings felt between the couple themselves. However, due to restrictions at the theme park itself I unfortunately could not film there, forcing me to change the video somewhat. Locations I have filmed at so far include; The Quayside, The Baltic, South Sheilds Beach and one of the actors house, where a few shots were taken of the couple which I am still considering to be featured in the video itself. I am still deciding on other locations as I am not particularly sure where I want the video to go at this moment in time. Therefore I am going to begin brainstorming where I think the relationship of the characters can go from here.