Thursday, 27 November 2014

Live gig photo

For my contents page I decided that I did not want to use a photo of 'Fading Fault' and that I actually wanted to give my magazine that 'real' effect and use a photo from a live gig. I used a picture of Johnny Marr from his latest solo tour as in my style model NME they don't just advertise young, rock artists but they also advertise older, more 'indie' artists. Because this is my picture it made my work more personal and because I like the artist it made it easier to come up with a story to sell on the artist himself.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Editing my chosen photos

I started by selecting the Quick Selection Tool

I then traced around the outline of my models.
I then clicked on 'Select the pixel mask' so only the background was left.
I then inverted the picture so my models were separated from the background.
I then clicked mask edge to bring some of the hair that I had originally cut off of my models heads.
Finally, i used the magic wand tool to remove the rest of the green that was in between the arms.
  This is the process that I used for all of the photos that I cut out for my magazine.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Models Permission

Before taking my photo's I of course needed to get my models permission to photograph them for my front cover and my article. This is because I was going to be publishing pictures of them online to my blog.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Before taking my photos

Before I could even take my photo's I had to plan out what poses that I wanted my models to do and what clothes I actually wanted them to wear. As 'Fading Fault' are a Rock band I wanted them to have a 'Grungy' look to them to give off that rebellious look, this is why I have them wearing dark colours like black but then wearing the colour red to make the page not look so dark and depressing.
I took my photographs in the schools studio, where we had a green screen set up with professional lighting for us to use. The lighting took quite a lot of fiddling to make sure that there was not going to be any green reflecting onto my models and that the photos weren't blurry or too dark for me to actually edit.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Possible article photographs

Here are some photographs that I also could have used for my article. These chosen photo's could work exceptionally on my article page as they have perfect lighting and the models look as if they are having fun which is the look that I was going for on my double page spread. However, I feel that the pictures that I have chosen to use will look much better with the colour scheme that I am planning to use.

Alternative front cover photo's

Here are some of the photos that I could have used for my front cover. The lighting of the first and last photo's are better than the lighting on the second photograph as I had to play around with the lights more to make sure it was perfect and it did not reflect off of the camera lens. I am not going to use these photos as I feel that the ones that I have chosen will work better and will make a more effective front cover.