Monday, 26 January 2015

Evaluation-Question 1 Part 1

When creating my front cover I knew that I wanted to follow the styling's of NME magazine more than Kerrang! I think that this is noticeable when looking at my front cover. The only theory I really thought of using in my magazine was Blumler and Katz theory of surveillance in a magazine. This means that by reading the magazine fans of bands are getting an insight to what the artist or band really get up to outside of being in the music industry and I think this is shown in my article. However, it could be argued that I have used Naomi Wolfs theory of using women for beauty conventions as my model (Hannah) is centred in the picture for my front cover as obviously women look at other women on the front of magazine covers and think of how they can interpret how they look into their own style. I feel that there is also a sense of Marjorie Fergusons "invitational" theory look on my front over as when looking it I tend to focus more on the eyes of my models than anything else. By advertising popular bands as straplines on my front cover that would obviously attract readers and to give them an insight on what was going to be in the magazine just like my style models use. By using taglines such as "Award Winning Band" it shows that I was following the conventions of my style model and trying to manipulate them into my own magazine. By using a bolder masthead like the one on Kerrang's I felt that it was giving the cover an edgier look to it and obviously I wanted to go for that look. Of course on a front cover you will typically see things like the date the issue was released, the barcode and the date which I also added onto my front cover.

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