Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Music Video Locations

Before filming any of my music video I have to consider the locations that I want to film at. My initial idea before starting the piece included a couple meeting at a fairground, as I knew there would be a lively atmosphere including bright lights and fast paced movements, which I felt would have represented the feelings felt between the couple themselves. However, due to restrictions at the theme park itself I unfortunately could not film there, forcing me to change the video somewhat. Locations I have filmed at so far include; The Quayside, The Baltic, South Sheilds Beach and one of the actors house, where a few shots were taken of the couple which I am still considering to be featured in the video itself. I am still deciding on other locations as I am not particularly sure where I want the video to go at this moment in time. Therefore I am going to begin brainstorming where I think the relationship of the characters can go from here.  

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