Thursday, 11 September 2014

School Magazine

For my first assignment I had to create a school magazine that would be sold and shown to parents and students of my school. The name of the magazine is 'The Heworth Times' and I created it through Adobe Photoshop. I had vague kills of using this programme through year 11 so I knew how to use a few of the tools on the programme.

  For my front cover I decided to use a dark blue background as it a colour for the school logo itself, which I also included in the bottom right corner of the magazine cover. I used Aidan as my model for the front cover as he was dressed in very formal attire which is mentioned on the front cover itself.

For my contents page I again used the main colours of the Heworth Logo and used the school logo in the left hand corner of the page again to create a trademark for my magazine. I wanted my magazine to have a house style by giving it the same colour on each page. By using a gradual effect on the contents page it made the colour look lighter and less harsh like the front cover.


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